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Title Basics in Prince George & Montgomery County

Rockville Auto Tag & Title is your complete source for auto tag and title registration in the Rockville, Maryland and Montgomery County area. We work hard to make it convenient for you to get this pesky chore out of the way so you can get on with your day. Visit us today for fast service.
Car Title Basics
When you're moving to Maryland, the rules can get a little confusing. To cover the basics, this is what you need:

Title to vehicle (If there is a lender, you must provide us with information to order the title.)
  • Maryland Insurance
  • Original Title
  • Signatures
  • Copy of Driver's License
  • Maryland Safety Inspection
Maryland will penalize you with a 6% excise tax if you do not have your vehicle registered within 60 days, so keep this in mind when getting your Maryland driver's license.

We are required to have the original title to the vehicle, which may take up to 8 weeks to receive from your lender. Therefore, we strongly recommend ordering the title before getting your vehicle inspected or before getting your Maryland driver's license. We need original signatures from all parties listed on the title and can help you with getting the title from your lender to process.
Lost Title - Original Title in Rockville, MD

Duplicate Titles in MD

A vehicle title is a legal document that proves you own your vehicle. If you buy your vehicle from a dealership, they will likely take care of the titling process for you. If something happens to your title, however, you may need to request a duplicate title from the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration. The Maryland MVA no longer provides same day duplicate titles. If you order a duplicate title from the MVA, whether on-line or in person, you will receive the title in the mail. This takes approx. 7 to 10 days. We can get it for you in 24hrs.

Reasons to Get a Duplicate Title

Every vehicle should have a title that shows who the current owner of the vehicle is. Here are a few circumstances under which you might request a duplicate title.
  • Lost or Destroyed Title: The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration will grant you a duplicate title if your original title is lost, destroyed, or damaged. Having an up-to-date title is in your best interest and the state's best interest.

  • Title Alterations: It's important for the information on your title to be completely accurate at all times. If you change your name, or if your vehicle switches ownership, you should request a duplicate title. You might also ask for a duplicate title after you pay off the lien on your vehicle.

  • Title Renewal: Returning Maryland residents don't have to go through the titling process again. If you return to Maryland after living in another state, you may simply ask for a duplicate of your old Maryland title.

  • Lien Removal: Bring the security interest Document From MD ( pink copy) along with the title. If Not a letter from the bank showing the vehicle paid off. If the vehicle is 7 years or older we can remove the lien when we get the Duplicate Title. (Note) as long the lien has not been record after the seven years. We always need a copy of the Driver License to get this done.

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